How can acupuncture help with weight loss?

There are four primary ways that acupuncture can help with weight loss:

1. It increases your metabolism. Ear acupuncture specifically has been shown to increase a person’s basal metabolic rate & suppresses appetite. This effect is obtained as a result of acupuncture points found on the ear helping to regulate the body’s internal organs, structures, and functions.

2. It suppresses appetite. There are many points on ear that help in curbing appetite and getting your food cravings under control. This specific point is called the “appetite control” point. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the spleen is responsible for digestion. Disharmony and imbalance in the spleen can lead to fatigue, slow metabolism, water retention, loose stools, and a feeling of heaviness. The liver is responsible for the flow of Qi, blood and emotions. Disharmony in your liver can lead to cravings and compulsive eating.

3. It improves insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body will produce insulin, but the cells in the body become resistant to it and are unable to use it as effectively, leading to high blood sugar. This often remains undetected and can contribute to a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

4. It reduces stress. If you feel overwhelmed, you are more likely to binge for emotional reasons and to assume you have no time to prepare healthy meals.

Many of the points from both ear acupuncture systems that are important for weight loss treatments are:

Mouth – for the impulsive eater who may also smoke & talk a lot
Hungry – for general appetite control
Lung – for food addicts, and people who love chocolate, sweets
Endocrine – for water retention that’s responsible for some of the weight gain
Adrenal and Ovary – if weight gain is due to menopause or P.M.S.
Spleen – for sugar imbalances and hormonal disturbances
Kidney – for water retention, and nervous system and hormonal imbalances
Thyroid – for slow metabolism
Shen men – a calming point, for the psychology overlay for anxiety, anger, frustration, ……………………insecurity
Stomach – for the person who eats even after they’re full or who’s constantly ……………………….…nibbling

The Treatment Plan

The number of acupuncture treatments necessary depends on the patient’s goals for losing weight, the speed at which they want to lose, and their commitment to keeping the weight off. Our practitioner chooses two or more of these points for each treatment depending upon the patient’s problem and personality profile regarding overeating because not every client is the same and while some may have hormone imbalances others may have digestive problems therefore making every treatment unique and individualized. In order for our acupuncturist to choose the correct points for you, you must first come in for a consultation to discuss your particular pattern of overeating, and our practitioner know in your intake form if there are any real digestive difficulties. During some courses of treatment, our acupuncturist may also use “ear seeds” that patients take home and massage periodically to help with difficulty to control urges.


Nutritional Counseling/Supplements

A good weight loss program includes nutritional counseling and exercise as well as a commitment to make permanent lifestyle changes. Our acupuncturist can help with nutritional counseling and can discuss a diet regimen that the patient can live with and maintain for the long term. For the best results, these treatments should be combined with a reduced calorie diet and appropriate physical exercise. The critical point to be made here is that acupuncture should be viewed as a support system not a sole modality.

Next a good individualized nutritional supplement program is important because everyone has a different metabolism and different needs for nutrients. Many diet and appetite suppression products are available on the market and surprisingly there is a very effective and safe nutrient supplement called Paleo Meal Plus: Lean Body Program.

The PaleoMeal® Plus Lean Body Program is designed to support healthy weight loss and successful weight maintenance by helping patients lose fat while maintaining lean muscle. The program is easy to follow, which promotes high compliance and great outcomes. Patients take a PaleoMeal DF shake and a Weight Loss Support Packet twice daily and follow the simple food plan outlined in the Patient Guidebook. Together, these program components provide effective support for: Fat loss, Muscle maintenance, Satiety and reduced cravings, Energy and metabolic functions, and blood sugar balances. All the simple steps needed in order to achieve success are outlined in the patient guidebook, which is included in every program kit.

Essential Oils

Here at Benessere, we also offer essential oils as an additional supplement for weight loss. In specific, doTERRA‘s Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend is a proprietary formula of 100% pure CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils that’s is designed to help manage appetite between meals. Slim & Sassy includes a blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils.

Just add 8 drops to 16 oz. of water (regular size bottle of water) and drink between your healthy meals throughout the day to help manage hunger, calm your stomach, and lift your mood. The Slim & Sassy blend also makes a delicious and healthy flavored water for proper hydration during exercise or other activity and it has zero calories, making it an excellent replacement for high-calorie beverages that contain artificial sweeteners and colors.

Complex Shots for weight loss

B-12: Vitamin B-12 is the “energy vitamin” as it often increases the energy level helping to prevent fatigue. It also helps to suppress the appetite in weight loss programs as well as having a mild diuretic effect. It stimulates the utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the body. It is an essential water-soluble vitamin that is commonly found in a variety of foods such as fish, shellfish, meats, and dairy products. Vitamin B-12 is frequently used in combination with other B vitamins in a vitamin B complex formulation. It helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is also needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells.

MIC: The MIC shot includes compounds that enhance liver function and increase the flow of fats and bile from the liver and gallbladder. It decreases fat deposits and speeds up your metabolism and natural removal of fat from the human body. By definition, a lipotropic substance decreases the deposit, or speeds up the removal of fat within the liver. The three key amino acids used to make these lipotropic shots are Vitamin B12, Choline, Methione, and Inositol.

The B-12 & MIC are both safe, effective and natural supplements for increasing your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and stimulate weight loss. Book an appointment with us today and give it a try for yourself!




Benessere is EXCELLENT !!! I honestly don't know what I would do without Regina and her wonderful staff !! 100% recommend Benessere !!!

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I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Regina Oyarce and her staff ... My insurance plan covers acupuncture but unfortunately has very limited providers ... but after meeting Dr. Oyarce ... I am happy to make the trip each week.

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Great staff very friendly very professional . I def recommend this place walk in stressed walk out relaxed and zened out accupuncture chiropractor, massage ,facials cupping lots of services to chose from .come check them out make sure to call and make an appt before....must wear mask to enter as well


I visited with Dr. Regina today for the first time. My first impression is that this is a great place to feel better. The atmosphere is very pleasant, from Ana greeting me at the door, the smells, the music, the decor, etc. Everything is perfect!

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This is my happy place. Best accupuncture center in Miami. Dra. Regina Oyarce is so special with their patients and Ana her assistant too.

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It is very welcoming place and so clean!!! The staff is warming and caring. I look forward to my therapy appointments, and I am feeling much better since I started my acupuncture ...

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Beneaseres is my favorite place to be! Starting from Ana the receptionist, she is super friendly and professional. Dr. Regina is the sweetest and very knowledgeable. I receive my massages from Dayami, and all I can say is SHE IS THE BEST ...

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