Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

One of the biggest complaints from most patients is low back pain.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), low back pain is caused by several factors:

  • Posture while sitting, lifting, or standing.
  • Stagnation of Qi and blood flow
  • Kidney deficiency
  • Cold dampness (low back pain is alleviated by warmth)
  • Damp heat (Low back feels inflamed and hot. Alleviates with cold)  

Acupuncture has been proven to be beneficial for treating back pain. It allows the stiff, tense muscles in the low back area to relax. This alleviates the agonizing back pain you have been feeling and restores the range of motion.

Acupuncture, trigger point therapy, exercises and recommended stretches are all treatments and techniques Dr. Oyarce uses to treat low back pain.



Benessere is EXCELLENT !!! I honestly don't know what I would do without Regina and her wonderful staff !! 100% recommend Benessere !!!

Karla L.

It’s always exciting to welcome a new business to the City of Hialeah ... Congratulations, Benessere Miami on your grand opening. #HialeahFirst (via Instagram)

Esteban Bovo Jr. (@MayorBovo)

I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Regina Oyarce and her staff ... My insurance plan covers acupuncture but unfortunately has very limited providers ... but after meeting Dr. Oyarce ... I am happy to make the trip each week.

Jenny N.

Great staff very friendly very professional . I def recommend this place walk in stressed walk out relaxed and zened out accupuncture chiropractor, massage ,facials cupping lots of services to chose from .come check them out make sure to call and make an appt before....must wear mask to enter as well


I visited with Dr. Regina today for the first time. My first impression is that this is a great place to feel better. The atmosphere is very pleasant, from Ana greeting me at the door, the smells, the music, the decor, etc. Everything is perfect!

Grisel Garcia

This is my happy place. Best accupuncture center in Miami. Dra. Regina Oyarce is so special with their patients and Ana her assistant too.

Coco Mata

It is very welcoming place and so clean!!! The staff is warming and caring. I look forward to my therapy appointments, and I am feeling much better since I started my acupuncture ...

Pilar Bermejo

Beneaseres is my favorite place to be! Starting from Ana the receptionist, she is super friendly and professional. Dr. Regina is the sweetest and very knowledgeable. I receive my massages from Dayami, and all I can say is SHE IS THE BEST ...

Katherine Montilla

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