Acupuncture for Skin Care

Acupuncture is shockingly versatile, even for skin care. It is an effective as well as safe alternative method for aging skin and breakouts instead of more-invasive measures such as Botox, chemical peels, heavy-duty acne medications, face lifts, and so on. In addition, cosmetic or otherwise known as facial acupuncture is no newly surfaced trend. It has been around since the Sung Dynasty in 960-1279 AD. Cosmetic acupuncture works to improve the look of the entire face and not just certain spots, and it also appeals to many who flinch at having foreign substances injected into their faces.

Cosmetic acupuncture treats both health and beauty issues! While most patients seek out the procedure to improve their looks and erase some of the toll time takes on all our faces, they find an added bonus in the increased sense of well-being that comes along with acupuncture, 

This includes but is not limited to conditions such as acne, wrinkles, dermatitis, eczema, sagging, dark spots, dullness, enlarged pores, even some types of hair loss, and fine lines. As you likely know from experience, nearly anything can affect your complexion, from stress, to poor sleep, to poor eating habits to hormonal imbalances, to environmental factors, and the list goes on. This type of acupuncture helps to brighten the color and texture of your skin while smoothing and lifting your complexion in a natural way.

As well as the health and beauty benefits, part of the attraction of cosmetic acupuncture is how easy they are. Treatments take about as long as a manicure, and there are no absolutely no scars left behind.
This is because facial acupuncture addresses both the cause and the symptoms of a condition. Therefore, the overall idea is that after several sessions the eyes will begin to brighten, skill will become firmer, lips will plump up.

How does it work?

We first diagnose our patients cause for their skin problem to then select a unique and appropriate treatment plan so that it is based on the individual. This allows for flexibility in treatment, providing fast, evident, and constant results and depending on the condition, treatment may involve acupuncture, Chinese herbs, or both. Dr. Regina, our acupuncture specialist is a licensed and board certified practitioner in Florida and has no problem answering any questions you or a friend may have for her. In order for the treatment to work to its full extent however, you must maintain steady treatment.

Although you may consider this to be too much of a time investment, really weigh out the options. Botox is a corrective measure that will also require you to go back for additional sessions. Meanwhile, acupuncture is a preventative/natural measure which may be time consuming at first but results are guaranteed.

By inserting needles into specific points on the face, blood rushes to the face, causing it to become flushed. This is because acupuncture stimulates collagen turnover and blood flow to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by filling them in. We have many success stories here at our office, come and try it for yourself!