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Acupuncture: An Effective Treatment for Knee Pain

 Acupuncture for Knee Pain

Many people suffer from knee pain, for a variety of reasons. The topic of knee pain is close to my own heart. I injured my knee when going down a flight of stairs many years ago. I tore my meniscus, as well as the cartilage of my knee. I was in a lot of pain and unable to bear any weight on my flexed knee.

I went to a specialist, and he recommended surgery. Not happy with the idea, I wanted to get a second opinion and perhaps try alternative therapies. A friend of mine recommended acupuncture. After only 3 treatments, about 80% of my pain had disappeared, and I decided not to do the surgery.

Because of this experience, my love of acupuncture was born. I decided to further study this beautiful and fascinating medicine. I am now a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and I am so glad I was introduced to acupuncture. Although I never did the surgery, my knee is doing fine. When I get patients complaining of knee pain, I reassure them that acupuncture is very effective treatment. I am living proof.

Knee pain is very common. According to WebMD, knee pain is responsible for about one-third of all doctor's visits for muscle and bone pain in the United States. Knee pain can be due to chronic osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The knee is a very complex joint, with a lot of potential for injury. Sports, exercise, and other physical activities can cause muscle strains, tendinitis, and injuries to the knee’s ligaments and cartilage. In some acute cases, knee pain can be so severe that it limits daily activities.

Several studies have confirmed that acupuncture is beneficial for reducing knee pain, stiffness, and physical disability in patients with knee-related issues. It can ease the discomfort patients feel while waiting for knee surgery, and in some cases, it may even be an alternative to surgery.

The Arthritis Foundation published the following research, indicating that symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) can be successfully treated with acupuncture:

“In a German study, 304,674 people with knee OA who received 15 sessions of acupuncture combined with their usual medical care had less pain and stiffness, improved function, and better quality of life than their counterparts who had routine care alone. The improvements occurred immediately after completing a three-month course of acupuncture and lasted for at least another three months, indicating OA is among conditions treated with acupuncture.”

At Benessere Miami, acupuncture treatments begin with a thorough consultation to gather information about your knee pain and medical history. Every patient has ample time to ask questions, and a treatment plan is discussed. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 305-599-0770. To learn more about all our treatments at Benessere Miami, visitwww.BenessereMiami.com.

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