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Natural vs Synthetic Supplements

Why Benessere Miami does recommend certain brands of supplements?

Reasons why quality matters:

1. Quality of product. Reports have shown that there are products on the market that do not contain the ingredients advertised on the label. It is important to choose a company that has high quality testing standards to confirm what is on the label is in the bottle.

2. Potency. Not only should the ingredients be present, it is important that they are present in the right amount. Too little and it may have no effect on your health, too much and it may harm you. Dosage is especially important.

3. Purity. It is important to confirm your supplements do not contain unwanted ingredients, like fillers or especially those that can have a negative effect on health. Examples of unwanted ingredients may include heavy metals (for example in fish oils), chemicals from pesticides that may have been used on plants, toxins like mold or mildew.

4. Performance. If a pill or tablet doesn’t dissolve, the ingredients it contains cannot be absorbed by the body. In that case, it is more likely to pass right through your system without any effect on your health.

5. Synthetic vs Natural. If a large number of the vitamins you find on the pharmacy shelves now a days are made synthetically through a chemical process, rather than derived directly from plants. It is cheaper to produce and gives the manufacture a larger profit. For most of the consumers, it is difficult to make the distinction between “synthetic” and “natural” vitamins.

6. Co-factors. Vitamins from natural source contains co-factors that come with the nutrient in nature. For example, Vitamin-C should come with bioflavonoids. If on the label of your Vitamin C just use the chemical name ascorbic acid, most certainly synthetic source. Another example is the Vitamin B12. The synthetic form is cyanocobalamin while methylcobalamin is a naturally occurring form of B12 that you can get through either food or natural supplements. B12 is a co-factor in human metabolism.

Benessere Miami works with two different companies that we found to be reliable and provide supplements that are high quality and from a natural source. They are Biotics Research and Designs for Health.

For your convenience Benessere Miami selected 2 resources so you can order the supplements from the comfort and safety of your home.

Shop Designs for Health here!


Shop for Biotics Research here!

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