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Paleo Diet E-Book

What is the Paleo Diet?

It is universally agreed upon that food is not what it used to be. Nearly all of the food we eat - everything from packaged food,to fresh produce,to meat,and so on - is packed with pesticides, preservatives,sweeteners,coloring agents,and other chemicals. These chemical combinations are not ideal for digestion,as the stomach and intestines simply cannot process all of the synthetic concoctions we call food.

Additionally,much of the food we eat,even if it is less processed,contains more sugar,sodium,and unhealthy fats than what our bodies need.What if we could go back to how it used to be: farm fresh,organic,ripe-off-the-vine food?

Though the likelihood of such a dramatic U-turn in the consumer food business is very low in today?s society,you can change your eating habits to reflect those of your ancient ancestors.

The Paleo diet,which consists of all-natural organic produce,lean meats,and low amounts of carbohydrates,is an attempt to return to the basics of nutritional health. Following the Paleo diet will produce results - your body will feel better and will likely experience other health benefits (see page 12).Ultimately, the Paleo Diet not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle choice - one of the healthiest you can make. This booklet contains all the information you need to know about the Paleo diet - approved foods,meal guidelines,and frequently asked questions and answers.

Additional information about Dr.Oyarce?s additional health supplements through Benessere Miami is also included.


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