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Digestive Enzymes

Before getting started with the explanation about Enzymes, I wanted to thank Dr. Loomis for his contribution into the field and for sharing with us natural Health Practitioners all his work about enzymes. I recommend to everybody to read his book called Enzymes The Key to Health. Many of the explanations below are direct quotations from his book.

What is Enzyme Nutrition?

We all know that food is composed of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. But until recently explains Dr. Loomis, few of us appreciate that all living things also contain enzymes and that life is not possible without enzymes. The enzymes are responsible for the vast majority of all the biochemical reactions that bring our food to maturity or ripeness.
Enzymes are energy, continues Dr. Loomis, and in high school physics textbooks define it as “capacity to do work”. Enzymes have the energy to perform the biochemical and physiological reactions that occur in all living things. The other components of our food supply, namely protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, are only the building blocks. They do not perform work.
Unfortunately very few people are aware of the vital role nature planned for food enzymes to play in the digestion of our food. To make things worse, the modern life require enzymes to be removed from our diets to prolonged food’s shelf life. This started in the 1900s when our society began to change from rural, agricultural base to an urban, industrial one. In order to have good looking food in our supermarket shelves, enzymes need to be destroyed.

How are enzymes replaced in our diet?

While we are very careful to replace the vitamins and minerals lost in the food processing of food, we do not replace the more important food enzymes. Unless supplemental food enzymes are taken, our diets will continue to be deficient in these essential nutrients.  Unless you are able to eat a raw organic food daily, you are deficient in digestive enzymes and putting a toll on your organs in order to produce enzymes. Simply stated, the secret is that each raw organic, uncooked fruit, vegetable, or meat contains enzymes that will digest the food in which they are contained. The problem is that those enzymes are destroyed during cooking, canning, and other methods of food processing. If your diet is deficient in Enzymes, you should use it in a supplement form with the meals.

What are the symptoms of Enzyme Deficiency?

According to Dr. Loomis, coenzyme deficiencies produce acute symptoms, while food digestive enzyme deficiencies are more insidious, producing chronic degenerative changes. When food enzymes are destroyed your body must assume the entire burden of digesting the food. Food allergies, gas and bloating, heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea are only minor problems that can result. Studies are gradually showing that metabolic problems may be direct cause of many chronic degenerative diseases.

What are the consequences of poor digestion due to lack of digestive enzymes?

When a body cannot secrete enough substance it is responsible for providing, explains Dr. Loomis, it hypertrophies (enlarges). This is a well known phenomenon in thyroid disorders, heart conditions and others glands. It also occurs in the pancreas when it consistently cannot supply all the enzymes needed to digest the diet.  Are we on a path to Diabetes type II?




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