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Your Element According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

     As humans we tend to strive for order. We read the end of a book before the beginning or use hints in Candy Crush when stuck on a level, and that is simply part of human nature. We get satisfaction from organization and categorize even unconsciously, so it should come as no surprise that we categorize ourselves. By categorize I am not referring to labels on race, gender or religion, but through personal traits, specific to each, systems like the Five Elements categorization have come to fruition. This is a system that has contributed in the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine for centuries since its creation. It consists of five different categories to which an individual can be grouped into, in accordance to various factors such as their personality, physical attributes, energy levels and even health complications. So, without more a due, here we the five elements in order from least to greatest energy levels.

Water- Related to winter.
     Water is the most tranquil of the elements for various reasons. Although those who form a part of the Water element are strong minded people, you will usually find them being followers rather than leaders. By no means does this present challenges for them, as their ability to adapt makes up for however indecisive they can be.
     The kidneys and bladder are the organs related to this element as people who are considered to be a part of this group tend to endure urinary problems and issues pertaining metabolism.

Metal- Related to fall.
     Metal encloses individuals who combine discipline and intelligence together with indispensable values such as loyalty in their recipe for success. People who fall under the element Metal are meticulous and calculating in a supreme judge kind of way. They serve as mediators when it comes to other people’s problems but are reserved on their own thoughts and feelings, which is why they tend to be introverts.
     The organs associated with this element are the lungs and skin, as when this element finds itself unbalanced it my lead to complications with respiration and skin conditions.

Earth- Attributed the period between seasons.
     The Earth element is one of the more complex ones, it is the element of contradictions. They are considered to be social, tough they hint more towards introverted than extroverted and can potentially interfere with their desires for interactions. Just like the Metal element, those part of the Earth element are known for being mediators for others, and reliable due to their vast empathy, though when it comes to self-reliance the story is a different one.
     Earth is related to the stomach as their lack of self-reliance can lead to obsessive, invasive thoughts that can potentially affect the individual directly by causing digestive complications.

Fire- related to summer.
     Summer is a time for fun under the sun, which is why the concept of heat is annexed to the Fire element. Those who conform Fire are brilliant beings who utilize their passionate and creative nature as a source of support for those around them. Those who are classified under this element are often face  beneficial and harmful consequences due to often being overpowered by their emotions. On one side, their ability to empathize goes hand in hand with these mostly extroverted traits.
     On the other hand excessive emotions can lead to high levels of anxiety, which is a problem for Fire considering that their related organ is the heart and circulatory problems may arise.

Wood- Often related to spring.
     The last, but not least, element is Wood. Any individual with extreme levels of energy can consider themselves a part of this group. Their energetic nature leads them to seek challenges, consequently lighting their competitive flame on. As entertaining as high energy levels can be, their effects do not last forever since hyperactivity is often linked to impatience, and consequently to irritability.
     Irritability can have negative effects on the health of Wood members since it has been proven to spark hypertension symptoms such as high pressure and the rapid gaining of weight. The organ related to Wood is the liver.

     In retrospective, the similarity of each element to the season they’re related to is more apparent than at first glance. Each season independently has their specific role in nature and the environment, but it is when they are grouped together that we get benefits like what we call a year. Just like the seasons together form a cycle, the elements create a system of complimentary balance when working together. Regardless of whichever element you fall under, they all stand at the same level of uniqueness, and all have their positives and negatives because, in the end, the purpose of this system is not to generalize, but to improve the lifestyle of those who utilize it to their benefit. Having laid out this analysis of each of the elements, I hope you not only can gather a brief understanding of the concept of the elements, but also are impulsed to dig deeper in this complex subject.


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