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The Keto Diet

The advancement of technology is a never ending task, yet, as exciting as the reveal of the new iPhone is, it is not the only area where our longing for progress should be. Thankfully the Steve Jobs of the world of health and fitness are firm supporters of this idea, constantly bringing an almost overwhelming number of innovative techniques for a better life. One of said innovations is the one and only Keto Diet, so we encourage you to hold on to your seats as we cover what it is, how it works and why using this health tool may be beneficial to you.

The What: the name of the diet alone reveals a great deal about it and its function. The one single goal of the Keto diet is to spark the body process known as “ketogenesis”, term from which the word “Keto” is derived. The way to do so is by refraining from ingesting certain types of food, more specifically carbohydrates, as in doing so your body will go under a state similar to that of starving, leading it to produce “ketones,” compounds used as a battery cell to produce energy. The lack of an easy energy source from the glucose in carbohydrates, creates the illusion of fasting to the body leading to quick and effective health results.

The How: As with any other diet, the effectiveness of Keto lies on commitment and consistency in sticking to these three simple steps until desired results are reached:

  • 1. Eliminate harmful carbohydrates from your diet, including: bread, pasta, and cereal.
  • 2. Avoid foods high on glucose such as fruits, vegetables, and sweets.
  • 3. Consume healthy fats found in fish, avocado, eggs, cheese, and Greek yogurt.

The Why: the Keto diet claims to offer the opportunity to receive the benefits few other diets do, as your body will starve, but you won’t. From a scientific perspective, the logic behind it checks out, but it is the practice of it that we encourage you to test for yourself. After all, how bad can losing some weight without having to miss one meal be? And even if you don’t, you will have gone through a detox. For this reason I now present you, the newest most advanced iPhone: the Keto diet, because as advanced as technology becomes will never be able to provide, the ability to enhance ourselves, a trait we must never cease to seek.

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