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My journey to better health with Keto, and how to start yours.

By Artturo Rico.


I spent most of my late teens drinking a daily 6 pack of Fanta and a bunch of chocolate milk, so safe to say I was not in a good state of health. With the ever nearing threat of becoming diabetic, as well as my family history with the disease, it was time forchange. So, at about 260 pounds, 5’9” and 19 years old, I removed sweets and soda from my diet, then went on the classic “broccoli and chicken” meal plan. Within a week I began to feel much better physically; waking up happier and overall feeling far more energized. And with a sudden rise in energy levels also came a sudden rise of motivation to shift away from a sedentary lifestyle. For me, being bored and not tired made me want to go for a walk of fresh air, and trust me something as simple as “going around the block to catch some Pokémon” one or twice a day adds up swiftly for achieving visible results, the same way a spoon of sugar in morning coffee adds up for visible failure and setback. Overtime, simply going around the block became lackluster, leaving me with desire to do more. Thus, my father and I both signed up for a gym membership.


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The Keto Diet

The advancement of technology is a never ending task, yet, as exciting as the reveal of the new iPhone is, it is not the only area where our longing for progress should be. Thankfully the Steve Jobs of the world of health and fitness are firm supporters of this idea, constantly bringing an almost overwhelming number of innovative techniques for a better life. One of said innovations is the one and only Keto Diet, so we encourage you to hold on to your seats as we cover what it is, how it works and why using this health tool may be beneficial to you.

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